Saturday, June 14, 2008

Right, people have been complaining. So i'll post some movie stuff.

this is a BG i'm not gonna use. I like the bg but the scene didn't really work out, so i scrapped it. There'll be more stuff coming up later.


Koen De Koninck said...

two words: Cool! More!!
Could you please do something like i did: post a couple of finished stills? Or is that to early?
verdomd wouter, hou ons niet langer in spanning, godgloeiende :p

Anonymous said...

That's what I call teasing on it's best! Hungry for more ..

Trouwens erg beschaamd om nou pas opnieuw je blog te bezoeken. Sinds de first attempt post echt veel indrukwekkend werk online gezet! What a talent, really impressed and LOVE ur style!

Tot een van deze op je oude H33 misschien? :)