Thursday, April 3, 2008


And one more. I used a 3d model in this one for the tower a trick i've seen matte-painters use.
I like the elements that are in the illustration but it's a little empty.
Looking back at this assignement makes me realise that i still have a lot to learn about colour, style and composition but i've taken some baby steps (i'm 6 feet so i looked retarded).



tek! said...

i still see aliased lines on the tower, you 3d cheater! :D i like this one, the ape could have slightly more contrast and the wizzard less , both to blend better in the background.
looking forward to the next

the comics expert said...

I really like this one.
The emptiness works, because as of recently, I'm always associating Oz with Dark Tower and deserted plains & the like are a mainstay in that work.

Koen De Koninck said...

come on^, milk and cookie man: i'm waiting for some production art or linetests. The whole movie would also suffize :p