Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Monster illustration for Portfolio.

I experimented on this one. I used some very textured brushes and I like the analog feel they gave the illustration. To complete my color palette I used a technique detailed in James Gurney's book Color and Light: A guide for the realist painter. Here's the gamut map I used.

All in all a pretty successful experiment.


tek! said...

oh man really nice one.
i'm really hoping the kids will win that game of chess.
and hurray for gurney's gamut tips!

Mandus said...

Waw! Wish I was still a kid!

the comics expert said...

I don't understand a word you said there, so don't mind the drooling idiot over here. Amazing work there!

willborough said...

awesomeness is the word!


Nicholas Hong said...

Great painting! really cute work!