Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Picture Book 12


Brandon Dayton said...

Hey, love your work man! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope Maine's treating you well. My wife's family is from Maine and we love to visit.

tek! said...

wouter i love this series!
the rendering of this one is great but i have some issues with the composition.
some elements could have been pushed morec imho, my eye wanders a bit too amelessly

Wouter Bruneel said...
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Wouter Bruneel said...

Thanks for the comments, guys.

Maine is hell during wintertime and heaven during summer. If you're ever in Portland and would like to draw, we've got a little "drink and draw" community.

Tek, I'm very curious what you mean. Strengthen the spiral with additional objects or lighting? I'd love to hear more.


tek! said...

Wouter, you applied the 'rules' correctly and ive noticed the spiral but i think
its the fact that the boy's head, the cup , the screen , the jar are all of the same size approx. or fit in the same rectangle box.
ack its hard to translate my comments in cold text, let me take the first plane to Maine and explain the subtleties better

Anonymous said...

hey wouter !

lang niet op je blog geweest, ziet er allemaal prachtig uit, knap werk!!
hoe is het daar?

groetjes aan lindsey


Wouter Bruneel said...

Thanks Iggy.
I will probably rescale one of the objects at the table. Probably either the cup or the jar, see if that brings a little more variation in scale.